The Biggest Hurdle of Ending Marijuana Use is Withdrawal!



There is no power on earth that can make a person stop smoking weed if smoking weed is something that they really want to do. BUT if they want to stop smoking weed but just can’t get past some of the side effects that come with quitting weed now there’s VEJOVIS™.

VEJOVIS™ helps relieve the side effects of cannabis withdrawal, nightmares,  irritability, anxiety and depression. calms and eases overactive nerves and promotes restful sleep.

Here’s the big question, is weed addictive? The short answer to that question is YES weed is addictive. Does weed have withdrawal effects when you stop smoking it? Yes it does have withdrawal effects when you quit smoking if you are indeed addicted to weed. If you smoke everyday and have been smoking weed everyday for quite sometime now then you are in fact addicted to weed. I hate to compare apples to oranges but the fact is they are both fruit and likewise alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and nicotine are all “addictive drugs”.

Getting Prepared To Quit Weed

When deciding to quit marijuana, a little planning and preparation goes a long way. Here are 10 simple exercises to complete in the days leading up to your quit attempt. You don’t have to do them all (you can pick and choose which make sense to you) but none take much time...

The terrible truth about cannabis: Expert’s devastating 20-year study finally demolishes claims that smoking pot is harmless

  • One in six teenagers who regularly smoke the drug become dependent
  • It doubles risk of developing psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia
  • Heavy use in adolescence appears to impair intellectual development
  • Driving after smoking cannabis doubles risk of having a car crash
  • Study’s author said: ‘If cannabis is not addictive then neither is heroin
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VEJOVIS™ - Promotes Relaxation & Stress Relief

Get Relief From Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms

VEJOVIS by quitters relief

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VEJOVIS™ by Quitters Relief

VEJOVIS: Ingredients analysis

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