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Vejovis™ PM – Sleep Formula with Melatonin helps you Sleep Naturally

Quitting Weed Causes Insomnia – Marijuana insomnia is one the most common and enduring withdrawal symptoms, and unfortunately, a lack of sleep tends to worsen the severity of other quitting symptoms. A major problem in the treatment of cannabis users is that up to 76% of those who abruptly stop using cannabis report disturbed sleep (strange dreams, insomnia, poor sleep quality), possibly increasing the risk of relapse. Marijuana withdrawal insomnia may last longer than other typical symptoms.

Vejovis™ PM is made with safe, natural, ingredients that are non-habit forming. Vejovis™ PM will help you relax and gently fall asleep, while waking up refreshed.

Vejovis™ PM contains Melatonin, which helps maintain our sleep and wake cycle by causing drowsiness and lowers body temperature, working with the central nervous system to sync our biological clock and help you get the right amount of sleep and be fully rested to take on a productive day ahead of you. Vejovis™ PM is made of Natural, Non-Habit Forming Ingredients


Magnesium (oxide/ citrate) - 200mg

Magnesium is needed for calcium to be used by bone. It is needed to help keep muscles relaxed, including those of the heart and blood vessels. It is needed in the function of vital co-factors and enzymes.

L-Theanine - 400mg

Improved sleep quality

Some research indicates that L-theanine could be beneficial for a good night’s sleep. Researchers in one study found that doses of 250 mg and 400 mg of L-theanine greatly improved sleep in animals and humans.

GABA (gamma - Aminobutyric acid) - 100mg

In a small 2018 study, participants who took  GABA an hour before going to bed feel asleep faster than those taking a placebo. They also reported improved sleep quality four weeks after starting treatment.

Phellodendron Root Powder - 100mg

Portions of the root, berry, twig or bark are cut out and made into a fine mesh powder, which can then be easily capsuled. Phellodendron has many health properties because of the numerous anti-oxidants it contains. It works great to calm the mind, and when stacked with other supplements, works great as a sleep formula before bed.

Mucuna pruriens (15% extract) (seed) - 100%mg

Also known as Velvet Beans, Mucuna Pruriens are grown in India, where the plant thrives in sunny, humid environments and where communities in the area have looked after it for generations. The seeds of the plant have been used as an aphrodisiac and an inducement to lucid dreaming in Ayurveda for thousands of years. In extract form, the amino acid L-DOPA, (a precursor to dopamine) is bioavailable and easy to incorporate into beverages.

5 HTP (5 Hydroxytryptophan) - 50mg

Can Promote Sleep by Increasing Your Melatonin Production
5-HTP produces serotonin, which can be converted into the hormone melatonin.

Melatonin plays an important role in regulating sleep. Its levels begin to rise in the evening to promote sleep and fall in the morning to help wake you up.

Therefore, supplementing with 5-HTP may promote sleep by increasing melatonin production in your body.

Melatonin - 2mg

Melatonin is a hormone in your body that plays a role in sleep. The production and release of melatonin in the brain is connected to time of day, increasing when it’s dark and decreasing when it’s light. Melatonin production declines with age.

Melatonin is also available as a supplement, typically as an oral tablet. Most melatonin supplements are made in a lab.

People commonly use melatonin for sleep disorders, such as insomnia and jet lag. Unlike with many sleep medications, you are unlikely to become dependent on melatonin, have a diminished response after repeated use (habituation) or experience a hangover effect.


1 to 2 capsules taken at bedtime or as directed by a healthcare professional.
For relief of occasional sleeplessness only. Do not exceed the recommended dose. This product is not intended for pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, or individuals taking any prescription medication including anti-depressants. Avoid driving or performing other potentially dangerous tasks while taking this formula.



Vejovis™ PM - Sleep Formula - 60 Premium Capsules

Vejovis™ PM Sleep Formula w/Melatonin

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