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Troy B. – 2022/03/21 at 8:23 pm

Always suffer from headaches, loss of appetite, & insomnia when trying to arrest my use. Plus my cigarette use increases. Happy to report greatly diminished headaches. Only had 1 in 8 days. Have a powerful appetite. Awesome dreams!! No recurring dreams, an unexpected treat. Cigarette habit is about 1/2 normal amount. Very happy with results. Planned on quitting long enough to pass UA was all. Not gonna use pot again until my awesome dreams stop. Recommend for anyone with any of these issues. Best money I’ve spent in a long time..


Brittney – 2021/07/04 at 8:41 am

This pill is absolutely amazing!! I felt it instantly, kind of like a euphoria feel the first day. I got really nauseous the first day taking them it was a stomach pain I never experienced before. I figured it was my body working through the pills. It only happened the first 2 days. Is the pain absolutely worth it though yes! I have been trying to quit weed for over 10 years, heavy user, 2gs or more a day, everyday. Even though my mindset has been there to quit, the cravings overpowered me every trip. I felt worthless literally, ITS JUST WEED. Why can’t I quit??

This pill from day one has taken away the urge to smoke. Almost completely, when I tell you that my urges went 1000 down to 10 with this pill, I couldn’t believe it, now you still need to do your part. Keep your mindset right. Stay away from people smoking. Etc, it wont do all the work but man whoever concocted this pill is a genius! Literally. Thank you to the creators for thinking about marijuana users that are addicted. I have been literally laughed at for trying to get help at an addiction center, around heavier kind of drug users. Why is this not taken more seriously? Thank you Vejovis for doing so.



Brandon Belcher – 2021/03/12 at 4:26 pm

GREAT F****** PRODUCT!!! Great job guys


Pierre – 2019/10/01 at 5:26 pm

It’s been tuff. Getting thru everything my emotions running crazy personality wants me to go smoke. But these pills put u to the test and are great. My energy and everything is slow the first couple of days. But as days go by your energy and moving and everything gets better. Slowly but surly as long as i work out and take care of myself I will be weed free. It’s been 5 days now and I am feel amazing and weed free to say the least. I will keep fighting to move forward and these pills are good everything will work out a day at a time


Craig Smith – 2019/09/23 at 12:08 pm

I smoked for 25 years and this stuff killed it!! Highly recommend!



Robert Watkins – 2019/04/02 at 2:50 am

Its very relaxing


Mike A. – 2018/03/28 at 10:41 pm

I have never reviewed anything before but this stuff is just so cool. I’ve been smoking pot like cigarettes basically everyday for over 25 years, wow. It’s hasn’t been easy on my personal relationships that’s for sure. I’m not saying pot is bad I’m just saying that It’s not good for me anymore and I guess it really never was. When I sit back and think of all the money I could have saved and the good times I missed with my family being stoned was such a waste. I’ve tried to kick the habit a million times but I always found myself back with a blunt or a bong in my hand. I needed more help than just taking about my problem. I looked on the internet and found this product and gave it a shot and I’m really glad I did. It helped me get past feeling so terrible like I usually did when I tried to quit before I think this stuff might just help me get off weed for good this time.


Quitting Is Hard, Quitting Cold Turkey Is Unnecessary


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