Priorities and Productivity









vs. just chillin and smoking weed

Maybe you came on here to hear scary stories about weed addiction and all the harm it can do to your life like those killer drugs?

Weed is not like all those other drugs it doesn’t have the same habit-forming properties as those other substances. You can smoke weed occasionally and be just fine, and you can also be addicted to weed and be a functional cannabis addict as well. I know, so why in the world should you want to quit smoking weed right? Well maybe because being addicted to “anything” is counterproductive to the quality of one’s life and that’s what this dialogue is all about “priorities and productivity”.


Weed is an Extremely Sneaky Drug. Weed is not a Killer, Weed is a Burglar!

It’s considered the safe relaxation recreational drug you just smoke a blunt and chill right. And what’s so wrong with just chilling? Nothing if that’s all you want to do is just chill it’s cool. But if you want to live a more fully involved, active and productive life then just chilling is not going to get the job done.

Everyday examples:

  • Need to clean the house? Tomorrow.
  • Need to do laundry? Tomorrow.
  • Need to wash the dishes? Tomorrow.
  • Need to take out the trash? Tomorrow.
  • Need to cut the grass, Tomorrow.
  • Need to take a shower? Tomorrow.

The only thing I want to do right now is just smoke and chill out! Oh yeah by the way exactly how much money do you spend on your weed habit, enough to go on a nice vacation every year I’d bet you. A week to really chill on the beach in Hawaii compared to getting high everyday eating Cheetos sitting in your underwear stoned at home. Weed won’t kill you but it will steal your dreams.

Remember all those long lost dreams and aspirations you had, do you want them back?

What about that book you always wanted to write. Those guitar lessons you wanted to take. That car you wanted to restore. Going back to school to get that degree. Those paintings, sculptures, photography, that business you always wanted to open, that mountain you always wanted to climb and on and on the list is endless. But you get what I’m saying and you know exactly what I’m talking about. The excessive use of cannabis does more than make you chill it also makes you a very lazy and uninspired individual plain and simple.