Cannabis Use and Short Term Memory Loss

When I was using I don’t know how many times I went to go do something and stopped dead in my tracks and said to myself what was I getting ready to do? I tell you that used to really bother me I felt like I was becoming stupid but I knew exactly what it was I knew it was from smoking too much weed for to long I wanted to do something about it, STOP smoking weed!

Everybody has their own story for wanting to stop smoking weed , for your job, for your significant other , for your family the list is endless but for me it was for two reasons one was I was sick of spending so much money on weed and short-term memory loss I didn’t like feeling stupid. I’ll be the first to admit it like a beautiful woman may be very confident and maybe a bit conceited about her good looks well that’s how I feel about my brain.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has compiled a very extensive study on the the effects of Cannabis on the the mind and body and the following is a short synopses if you would like to read the entire study I have placed a link at the end of this chapter.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse – Adverse Consequences of Marijuana Use

Acute (present during intoxication)

Impaired short-term memory
Impaired attention, judgment, and other cognitive functions
Impaired coordination and balance
Increased heart rate
Anxiety, paranoia
Psychosis (uncommon)
Persistent (lasting longer than intoxication, but may not be permanent)

Impaired learning and coordination
Sleep problems
Long-term (cumulative effects of repeated use)

Potential for marijuana addiction
Impairments in learning and memory with potential loss of IQ*
Increased risk of chronic cough, bronchitis
Increased risk of other drug and alcohol use disorders
Increased risk of schizophrenia in people with genetic vulnerability**
*Loss of IQ among individuals with persistent marijuana use disorder who began using heavily during adolescence

**These are often reported co-occurring symptoms/disorders with chronic marijuana use. However, research has not yet determined whether marijuana is causal or just associated with these mental problems.

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